Nita                                 Martin             


Direct Marketing

Before the web made expensive mailing more focused and in some cases, nearly obsolete, I produced mailers that stood out in crowded mailboxes. And produced sales increases in the 100's of millions of dollars. In the case of The Franklin Mint, over a half billion dollars in just three years. 

I used illustrated envelopes, teasers and raised the bar on techniques to get people to "open the envelope". And of course the URL goes on everything!

For the past ten years,  I have worked on catalogs such as Coldwater Creek and Frontgate, which have partner marketing outlets in retail, and web. It requires a synergy in which I excel. I have an excellent eye for design, not just on the page, but on the set as well, creating vignettes that leave a clear invitation for the viewer to join in the style and the festivities. 

I completely revamped Doubleday and Literary Guild to make them about the "experience" book lovers have when they pick up a book. It's never about the product, it's always about the relationship between the customer and the product. A place; a feeling. People buy things that evoke these. They want adventure and style. And who can blame them?