Among the companies for which I have done work in the various areas of e-commerce are:

Interactive Marketing Ventures
Bertelsman/Doubleday Books/B&N
Home Shopping Network
Garden State Nutritionals
Tristar Productts
The Franklin Mint
Coldwater Creek

                                 Nita                                 Martin             



  • Integrated Marketing
  • Web Stores
  • Site Organization
  • Site Content
  • Design Effectiveness
  • Transition to Web Traffic
  • e-mail Blasts
  • e-mail Fundraising
  • Web List Issues
  • SEO
  • Social Media
Don't let the pen and paper above fool you.

Sixteen years ago, as partner and co-founder, I became a pioneer in internet commerce with the formation of Interactive Marketing Ventures, funded by investment behemoth Safeguard Scientifics. 

I was instrumental in the creation of Barnes and Noble online, for the Bertelsman Comapny, as an offshoot of their retail and catalog businesses. During my career, including stints in both marketing and creative arms, often of the same company, I have always been involved in the introduction, evolution and improvement of web design, integration, usage and business core principles.